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Roadwatch Bullet


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The RoadWatch system is unmatched when it comes to providing vehicle operators crucial surface temperatures. Whether you need the temperature to know when to adjust the type and amount of 'salt' spreading, drive more cautiously, or use the information to determine if temperatures will allow paint to adhere properly - The RoadWatch system offers the best solution at a great value.

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Whether you are looking out for situations where the road surface is
 too cold or too hot. RoadWatch can give you the data needed 
accurately while moving.

Surface Temperature

Surface temperature accuracy +2/-2 degrees Fahrenheit ( 15 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit under ambient state ).


Air Temperature

Air  temperature accuracy +2/-2 degrees Fahrenheit ( -40 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit ) while moving > 5 MPH.

Unprecedented Reliablity

  • Fully -sealed sensor
  • Connector mating inside sleeve 
  •  No screws or openings in sensor face
  • Environmentally tested

Improved Performance

  • Faster acclimation time 
  • Improved accuracy 
  • More durable, with low total Lifetime cost

Backwards Compatibliity

Use with Existing 
  •  Cables and connectors 
  •  Displays 
  • RS -232 Convertors

Water Resistant


Salt Resistant


Thermal Shock Resistant